A team DEDICATED to the welfare and health of ruminants

RumeXperts is a consultancy CRO in Animal medicine and production management. Based on a group of veterinarian, former clinicians from University of Liege, the consultancy has grown expertise in different fields of animal health.

The project is by essence inspired by research in ruminant veterinary science, launch as a Spin-off from University of Liege.

We deliver service as Contractual Research Organisation to companies specialised in biotechnologies and biopharma. RumeXperts has developped a veterinary expertise adapted for applied research and development in Ruminants Health using edge biomarkers and AI powered bigdata platforms

We continue to act as part consultancy for farmers, which enables us to keep in line with the needs of the animal health sector.

Our customers are companies in the animal health, production and welfare sector, and we advise the sector or offer to recruit animal patients with known characteristics in five EU countries.

Rumexperts offers…

Research centre


Offering industry a veterinary CRO service with innovative product analysis methods.


Analysing and comparing data in real time via a Big Data platform for livestock production.
And receiving alerts in real time…

On-farm service

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A service to support veterinarians in herd medicine in Wallonia. Maintaining a cohort of farms in performance monitoring.

Groupe Savencia

With the collaboration of RumeXperts, we developped new products and solutions for our customers. RumeXperts brought us the inter-farm variability at a very competitive price.

Dr Guillaume Jacques - Technical Manager SOFIVO (France), Groupe SAVENCIA

RumeXperts has brought us a portefolio of field research adapted to our needs. Their flexibility and tailor-made offer suits perfectly SME in diagnostics like BIO-X.

Dr Philippe Hivorel - General Manager, BIO-X Diagnostics (Belgium), Bio X Diagnostics
Starmilk elvor concept

My experience with RumeXperts was a continuous growth with their consultants as technical supports for my products and my company. I learned new techniques and my clients felt safe and supported.

Ir. Bruno Royen - CEO of STARMILK (Belgium), Starmilk

With RumeXperts, I had the opportunity to understand my herd more precisely and participate every year in innovation testing in my farm.

Ir. Bruno Massart - Herd Manager , Ferme Le Bailli

I am participating in most trials of RumeXperts to keep being on the edge of innovations in my field. Their focus on productivity and health is filling my needs for welfare !

Kevin Rémy - Herd owner Ferme Remy (Belgium), Ferme Remy (Belgique)

Our themes

Our expertise in herd health has enabled us, over the years, to specialise in areas such as:

We offer a Nutrinetic® nutritional analysis service, which enables veterinarians and farmers to analyse the performance of their feed. Our maternity visit service provides a 360° view of the health, hygiene and epidemiology of the calf rearing area.

Ruminant nutrition is at the heart of our work, we offer analysis kits to identify problems in the barn and independent expert visits for your performance needs.

Our “Farm” team supports your veterinarian for auditing and reproduction monitoring services, via ultrasound examinations and computerised monitoring.

Our SALVE software allows you to monitor your udder health data in real time (tank, milk recording, weather), and to alert you at the first signs. Our “farm” team offers performance audits including milking, milking machine measurement, mastitis epidemiology, mastitis bacteriology and real time analysis of bacterial contamination.

Our clinical trials constantly lead us to develop new biological or numerical health markers in order to establish new approaches to disease prevention.

Our “farm” teams are equipped with real time bacterial contamination analysers to enable you to see the origin of contamination risks.

Our research approach for private companies allows us to be constantly at the forefront of developing alternatives for animal care. We test alternative strategies to antibiotics, to develop prevention.

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