The Nutrinetic© Kit – Daring to perform

The Nutrinetic(c) Kit is a nutritional monitoring tool for cattle herds, including 20-30 target animals in 6 groups to establish a nutritional health check-up. Pregnant cows and 5 groups of calves are analyzed to better understand

– Prenatal feeding performance

– The quality of neonatal feed management

– The performance of the milk feeding plan

– The quality of the transition at weaning and the condition of the rumen

The Nutrinetic Kit contains 30 sample tubes, a structured history form, blood sampling material and a standardized SYNLAB application form.

The kit is designed for the collection of blood on pregnant cows and 5 groups of calves per 3-week age group. After receipt and analysis at Synlab, you will receive a graphic analysis and advice from the RumeXperts clinical team.

Examples of implementations in a weaning disorder context, with poorly balanced dry food intake and difficult weaning associated with frequent health problems when stopping milk.

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The Nutrinetic kit is available in the SYNLAB laboratory network

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