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Offering industry a veterinary CRO service with innovative product analysis methods.


Analysing and comparing data in real time via a Big Data platform for livestock production.
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On-farm service

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A service to support veterinarians in herd medicine in Wallonia. Maintaining a cohort of farms in performance monitoring.

CRO (Contract Research Organization)

Most members of the RumeXperts team are opinion leaders in their respective sectors, regularly consulted by the pharmaceutical industry, government departments and sectoral associations. RumeXperts has drawn on this expertise to set up a Contract Research Organization (CRO) for industrial partners such as pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and food companies and diagnostic laboratories. Our objective is to help these partners to develop tomorrow’s livetock farming by testing their new products through various types of trials (clinical trials, case-control studies, multicentric farm effect, etc.) and by setting up new health indicators for ruminants. RumeXperts’ knowledge of the ruminant sector through its network of farms, its fieldwork in direct contact with animals, farmers and farm veterinarians, and its expertise in data retrieval and analysis make RumeXperts a partner of choice for these manufacturers.

The services offered range from the provision of our network of farms with field sampling to the complete editing of research protocols, the execution of these, the analysis of the collected data and the drafting of reports.

Types of clinical trials

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Performance trials


Case-control studies


Multicentre studies

Thanks to our partnerships with various farms and experimental laboratories, we are able to be your sole partner in your research and development. Our ethics commission is part of the University of Liège (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) and guarantees that your studies are in perfect harmony with the standards of animal welfare and the requirements of scientific publishers.

Phase 0

Phase 0

Safety studies:

10-15 animals to establish safety at low dose

Phase 1

Phase I

Dose estimation:

10-15 animals, dose gradient to estimate the effect

Phase 2

Phase II

Effect evaluation :

impact assessment in groups for 95% confidence interval and 80% power (1-ß)

Phase 3

Phase III

Comparison trial :

Effect assessment against placebo or other drugs
(CI 95%, P 80%)

Phase 4

Phase IV

Large-scale registration trials (95% CI, 80% P)

SALVE© data alert software

SALVE© is a Veterinary Alert System for Livestock in the form of a web platform. The objective of SALVE is to provide an intelligent and automated analysis of livestock data to facilitate reading, reduce reaction time and optimise problem solving.

Currently, SALVE© retrieves data on the composition of herds (mortalities, sales, purchases, births), the composition of tank milk and individual milk (milk recording) and climatic variations (meteorology) from around a hundred dairy and meat farms in Wallonia. These data include parameters related to health, productivity, animal feed and environmental risks and are analysed using numerous algorithms that make it possible to monitor the evolution of the herd remotely.

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The combination of these factors and the different types of alerts warns the farmer and his supervisors on average 30 to 45 days before their natural reactivity on the farm when the situation deteriorates. The proactive nature of SALVE© therefore limits the duration of problems, enhances animal welfare, ensures greater longevity and reduces production costs.

The data analysed can be individually chosen according to the farm’s speculation and the needs of the supervisors who can then have a quick view of all their herds and their evolution.

Herd medicine service


Always in touch with the field, RumeXperts also carries out veterinary herd monitoring visits and audits (reproduction – mammary health – animal nutrition – animal health) in agreement with the farm veterinarian in order to increase the profitability of these farms and/or to solve specific problems.

Through these regular herd visits and data collection, RumeXperts maintains a network of around one hundred dairy and meat farms located in Wallonia (southern Belgium) where it carries out research and development activities for the SALVE software.

To help you, RumeXperts created the Nutrinetic© kit

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